Modelling tool for air-quality

The Hungarian Air Quality Network is responsible for the measurement and evaluation of air quality in Hungary.

Further monitoring stations, emission and immission data are necessary to efficiently follow the state of environment and improve air quality.

As part of the LIFE IP project two automatic monitoring stations will be installed, one in Békéscsaba and another one in Kaposvár in order to follow up the efficiency of the implementation of the air quality plan measures. The two new stations will become part of the Hungarian Air Quality Network. The ambient air pollution network operated by the Hungarian Meteorological Service performing standardized background field sampling and monitoring will be also developed, providing necessary data for modelling activities.

For the air quality status assessment of the above mentioned settlements it is necessary to carry out a 2X4 weeks long standard measurement with mobile monitoring stations.

As part of the project, a GIS database and a high-resolution air quality modelling tool will be developed to support the biannual review of municipal air quality plans. The decision support system makes it possible to estimate the impact of different measures and to identify key areas where effective measures can be taken.