Council of Tatabánya County Municipality


Tatabánya is the county town of Komárom-Esztergom County, and also the most populated settlement of the county with its population over 68.000. Thanks to its location, it is a road and rail hub, as it is located along the M1 motorway and along the Budapest-Vienna international railway line. After the closure of the urban coal mine, with the transition to an efficient market economy, the city has become a prosperous economic, cultural and community life hub of the region. 20 years ago the industrial activity became the pivotal factor of the local economy, when the heavy industry was replaced by the processing industry. Due to this change, the air quality was considerably improved, the prevailing north-west winds ensuring the ventilation of the area situated between the town of Gerecse and Vértes Hills, contributed to this significant improvement as well. The most important air pollutants are transit motor traffic, residential heating in winter, power plant and quarrying as part of the industrial sector. 

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Actions taken as part of the HungAIRy LIFE integrated project


The fundamental purpose of the LIFE integrated project is to improve air quality in the participating settlements. In order to reduce pollutants caused by traffic, Tatabánya will establish a community cycling system with 3 stations, with 10 cycles at each station under the pilot program to provide an alternative means of transport. After the establishment of the system, its operation will be continuously monitored, and an expansion as an option will be considered. As part of another action, two measuring and information gate will be developed in the city, which will provide data on air quality for bystanders, and alert the public, if the measured data is unfavourable regarding air quality. The information gates will be installed on busy roads of Tatabánya. Furthermore, under the project, Tatabánya will take part in the development of an improved emission database in regional and urban context as well, and in the establishment of an emission register. We will also engaged in the establishment of an eco-manager network in the city, and in its maintenance as well to ensure public environmental awareness, and to explore and submit tenders for improving air quality. The plans will be reviewed by the eco-manager network, and then the implementation of the activities stated in the plan can be started.

Further activities in which TATB is participated:

  • Supporting of the review of the AQP