MIKOM Miskolc Communication Non-profit Ltd.


MIKOM Non-profit Ltd. has now become such a media centre that is worthy of Miskolc, the dynamically developing metropolis of the North-Eastern Region, and at the same time, the company plays a lead role nationally among local and regional media companies. Today the company’s activities offer a very wide range of opportunities for online and offline communication as well, from the local and national news displaying till the most interesting and important event in public life, culture and sports.

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Actions taken as part of the HungAIRy LIFE IP project


It is important for publicity and communication to support the project’s comprehensive and specific goals and to ensure that direct indirect target audience, as well as wider community, can learn the appropriate information about the progress and the results of the project. In this regard, MIKOM Non-profit Ltd. has a key role, because it is responsible for the communication of the Miskolc project.

The aims of the Miskolc actions are to reduce outdoor combustion of leaf-litter, to support appropriate use of fuels, and to establish a PM monitoring system. MIKOM Non-profit Ltd. informs the residents of Miskolc about the details and progress of the project.

MIKOM Non-profit Ltd. participates in the following actions:

  • Establishment and operation of the eco-manager network
  • Environmental awareness-raising training for the residents 
  • Environmental awareness-raising – development and implementation of awareness-raising plans
  • Optimizing agriculture and forestry to protect air quality
  • Developing good practice for initiatives to improve air quality 
  • Compilation of information materials and information campaigns