Council of Eger County Municipality


Eger is the county town of Heves County. It is located near the eastern border of the county, at the foot of the Bükk Mountains, in the valley of Eger stream on the north-south axis. The city is reach in watercourses, valleys, hillsides, and has favourable environmental and landscape features. The unique atmosphere and the look of the city centre is the result of the coexistence of late Baroque, eclectic and Art Nouveau buildings built on a medieval street network. Eger is a municipality with county rights, tertiary education centre, with a population of 56.000.

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Actions taken as part of the HungAIRy LIFE integrated project


The sine qua non of the project is the establishment of an eco-management office, where a specialist staff member will deal with the duties in a separate office in the council. Part of the task is to carry out campaigns, raising awareness of the public and providing information to them.

The council is responsible for mapping the emission data of residential heating, which will serve as an input for modelling. Collecting data is not an easy task due to the lack of an appropriate database, but appropriate data should be extracted from indirect information obtained from various sources. The mapping of biomass burning in outdoor areas and the planning of countermeasures are the important part of the action as well. The process will be supported by the complex analysis ability of to be developed Geographical Information System. Revisioning the air quality plan will be necessary due to the elapsed time and the newly obtained data and information. The implementation of the community Cycle System, in cooperation with partner towns and villages, provides an opportunity to raise awareness, and after a successful test period an extended system can be developed for the long term. Knowledge transfer and demonstration of good practises, application of the model/methodology, will allow the horizontal extension of LIFE IP for ourselves and for the partner towns as well.