Council of Békéscsaba County Municipality 


Békéscsaba is the county town of Békés County that is famous for its sausage production therefore known as the Capital of Sausage. It has a population of 59.357.

Factors effecting the air quality of Békéscsaba as follows: transportation (industrial and residential traffic, bypass), domestic heating (solid fuels, burning of dead fallen leaves), agriculture (growing plants and livestock farming), industrial conditions (predominantly quarrying for sand), and meteorological conditions (wind). In Békéscsaba part of the tasks included in the air quality plan have already been completed or are being implemented. Significant number of energy investments have been made, and cycle route development have been completed.

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Actions taken as part of the HungAIRy LIFE integrated project


As part of the project, a new, continuously operating, automatic air quality measuring station will be installed in the territory of the Municipality of Békéscsaba. Until now there hasn’t been any continuous air pollution monitoring in Békéscsaba, therefore the installation and continuous operation of the air quality measuring station is justified. The installation of the station is important for mapping air quality data in the city, and for determining pollutants and their concentrations in the air. 

The leader of the project is the Council of Békéscsaba Municipality. Partners involved in the action: Kaposvár County Municipality, Herman Otto Institution Non-profit Ltd., National Meteorological Service. 

Further activities in which Békéscsaba is participated:

• employing eco-manager

• supporting the review of the Air Quality Plan          

• creating and maintaining the emission database