Calls for abstract for the e-poster session

Author: HungAIRy Thu, 10/14/2021 - 11:27

Due to the high number of relevant projects and the limited timeframe of the conference, the organizers have already been contacted the leaders of the relevant projects and invited them to provide an oral presentation during the conference.  However, we would like to give the floor to all experts to share their achievements, thus an e-poster session will also be organized in the conference.

Abstracts will be accepted until 29th October 2021 (extended deadline). Please find below the template. Abstracts should be submitted to hungairy [at] (hungairy[at]hoi[dot]hu). The organizers reserves the right to reject or accept contributions. We encourage all e-poster presenters to apply the PowerPoint template available on the website of the conference.

Virtual exhibition:

The posters will be published on a virtual platform where participants will have the opportunity check them. The virtual exhibition will be open in a time window around the international conference. In this way, participants will be able to read the posters and engage with the authors.

Before the conference, the virtual exhibition will be open for the participants.

At the conference:

The corresponding authors will have the opportunity to make an oral pitch (3 min each; preferably 2 or 3 slides per presentation) during the conference, where attendees can direct one or two short questions to the authors.