Urban Development of Békéscsaba Non-profit Ltd.


Urban Development of Békéscsaba Non-profit Ltd. was registered in the trade register of Békés County Court on 9 April 2010. The organisation performs the full preparation and management of all municipal projects funded by the EU, and also contributes to the implementation of projects under the Modern Cities Program. In addition, the Ltd. is responsible for the full implementation of the public procurement procedures of the local government as defined by the Public Procurement Act in force at any time. Development and maintenance tasks connected to the Csabagyöngye vineyard and orchard are managed and operated by the organisation. Furthermore the technical control of waste management and sanitation tasks of the municipality are also managed and operated by the company. 

For more details visit: https://bekescsaba.hu/intezmenyek/bekescsabai-varosfejlesztesi-nonprofit-kft 


Actions taken as part of the HungAIRy LIFE integrated project


The organisation is involved in three main actions:

  1. Under the Community Cycling System program, a mini urban/community cycling system will be established with 5 stations, with 10-10 bikes per station. The aim of the program is to provide an alternative transport option for residents and for people working in the town. The program is intended to change people’s travel behaviour by offering environmentally-friendly alternative to use car or public transport. The action aims to reduce emissions of air pollutants produced by the transport sector.

  2. Significant number of agricultural enterprises operate in Békéscsaba as the city is surrounded by the high-quality lands. The aim of the program to reduce air pollution produced by agriculture and to develop strategy on methods. In the course of the training aimed at shaping environmentally-friendly approach, methods related to growing cereal crops and livestock farming may be acquired. As a result of the knowledge gained on the training regarding novel, low-emission technologies the emissions produced by agriculture is expected to be reduced.

  3. The action is also aimed at developing a method for estimating the consumption of firewood. Wood heating is one of the biggest emitters of domestic pollutants. In the course of the program, we will map and collect information aboutwoody biomass distributors, participants of the supply chain and source of fuel. Based on the collected data, we will determine the intervention points in order to optimize fuel supply.


  1. Further activities in which Urban Development of Békéscsaba Non-profit Ltd. is participated:

  • employing eco-manager

  • participating in the Voluntary Agricultural Program

  • supporting the review of the Air Quality Plan

  • participating in awareness raising 

  • supporting the optimization of biomass supply chain

  • creating and maintaining the emission database