Council of Pécs County Municipality


The city has been facing challenges considering air quality. To reduce the level of PM10, is one of the main aims of the urban environment program, and the interventions of the LIFE Integrated Project will support the above-mentioned aim. 

In the city the industrial emission are not significant. The main emitters are transport, residential mixed combustion and agriculture. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that the city starts with a handicap due to its geomorphological features, geographic location (situated in a basin), and Mecsek (mountain range, situated in the north of Pécs) as an airflow influencing factor, as these conditions are unfavourable for mixing and dilution of pollutants. 

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Actions taken as part of the HungAIRy LIFE integrated project

In order to implement effective interventions to improve air quality in Pécs, adequate information is required about factors influencing air quality. Developing a database on air pollutants is essential to achieve the above mentioned goal. 

Under the LIFE project, an emission database will be developed with the OMSZ guidelines, which will allow to model individual intervention options and their expected results.

Besides the emission database, three, overreaching pilot actions will be carried out, that will ensure the accomplishment of the long term environmental goals of city, and the contribution to a successful tender application of European Green Capital2022 as well.

  1. Establishing and operating a solar cadastre: The aim of the pilot program is to obtain a photographic database (3D) of the entire city regarding solar and solar panel installation. With cadastre method, it will be easy to evaluate, which buildings are in the city worth to install solar or solar panel system on their roof. The database can be later expanded according the needs of urban development and IT.

  2. Establishing and operating a green cadastre: The pilot project will include the establishment of a green cadastre based on the needs of BIOKOM Non-profit Ltd. Thanks to the cadastre, designing and maintaining the green surfaces of the city will become more predictable.

Besides the pilot actions, we will be engaged in active awareness-raising activities as well to implement environmental educational program targeting the widest possible participants. Under the program, the Urban Tree Nursery Garden will provide young trees to the active part of the population, and the process of creating urban green spaces will be supported by planting. 

In addition to the mentioned above, the city will get an opportunity to employ an eco-manager, who can act as a link between the population and the local government in terms of environmental awareness raising, information exchanging under the developed themes of the project. In addition, the impact of the pilot program, the progress towards good environmental status will be continuously monitored.

Further activities in which PÉCS is participated:

  • Supporting of the review of the AQP