hungairy környezetbarát közlekedés

Environmentally friendly modes of transport

The other most significant problem highlighted in the Air Quality Plans is the air pollution from transport sector, therefore, in addition to the common environmental awareness actions, it is necessary to carry out further actions to reduce air pollution from traffic so supporting to achieve the objectives of the Air Quality Plan. Within the project we plan the following pilot actions contributing to the air quality improvement:

Setting up of a mini public bicycle system with a demonstrative purpose in three municipalities (EGER, TAB, BCS), with stations and bicycles, and the number of the stations depends on the size of the cities.

Detailed development of a loading area online booking system in Budapest and the introduction of a certified supplier system.

Development of an ITS (Intelligent Transport System) in Szolnok to automate information disclosure and control, which is able to leverage the environmental impact, thus reducing particulate emissions from the urban traffic.

Development of the Smart City Application for the municipality of Pécs. It will include more function like a travel planning module, with calculation of the emission of the travel, purchase of online tickets, providing information about traffic constraints and communal services etc.

Establishing of air pollution measuring and information gates on busy roads in Tatabánya to show the limit exceeded of air pollutants and to limit speed when it’s required.