In order to efficiently raise environmental awareness, a common technical professional content, in the first phase methodology will be elaborated and published by HOI and AMKE in terms of residential and transportation sector. In addition, HOI and AMKE will organize regular awareness raising trainings in each phase, starting from the second phase, for the participating municipalities, project partners to ensure the proper transfer of common knowledge.

Establishment of the Eco-manager Knowledge Centre providing necessary support for the operation of the eco-managers by the HOI.

Regularly collected international and national best practises regarding air quality improvements such as regulation system to avoid illegal combustion, innovative technics to reduce dust emission or any other new approach in order to improve the local or regional air quality. The ideas, plans, methodologies will be collected and delivered for each partners supporting the operation of the eco-managers.

A special action will focus on information transfer regarding agricultural technics and the optimization of wood supply chain.

The main actors responsible for the project implementation are the project beneficiaries: the project board, project management team, professional team, EKC and eco-managers, who will carry out the main tasks of the actions, coordinate and contact every other stakeholders.

The second big part of stakeholders’ groups are the associations, organisations, households, residents, etc., who have also big role because they are the target groups of the actions, for example they are addressed in the awareness-raising actions.